Melanie Duerkopp Photography, photo byO'Malley Photographers
 I reside in California
I’ve lived in NYC but enjoy SF more
I grew up in Germany
I am the oldest of 5
I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography
I shoot people for a living
I get goose bumps when a bride walks down the aisle
I love working with kids
I am a Mac
I am t-shirt & jeans person
I love purses and shoes (Kate Spade is my #1 weakness)
I have run 2 full marathons and 2 half marathons
I am quiet
I love planning
I am organized
I love checklists and crossing things off when I am done
I love to travel but I HATE to pack
I love to cook and bake
I love sending personal handwritten cards
I am passionate about what I do
I LOVE my job – being a photographer