Where are you located?

I am based in San Francisco, but I have worked all throughout California and the US.

Besides weddings, what other photography do you do? Do you do holiday pictures, business pictures, or portraits?

If it involves people, I’m usually doing it! I focus most of my time on weddings and family photography, but I also do professional portraits, new business services, pregnancy and newborn photography, and children’s portraits. Take a look through the galleries to get a better idea.

Do you do your own post-production? What is the difference between editing and retouching?

As part of your package, all of the post-production is done in-house by me. “Editing” is color correcting, cropping, as well as going through each image to ensure that it is perfect – this is all part of my work process. In contrast, “retouching” takes a lot more time and is a separate task and is an additional charge. If you have photos that you would like retouched (things like taking out wrinkles, removing bags under your eyes, adding a family member, etc) – simply let me know and I’ll tell you how quickly I can do it!

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